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When it's snowing, or you are heading off-road to do some mudding, you use your transfer case to shift your vehicle into four-wheel drive. If you are staring at a 4WD warning light or have to fight with the knob to shift into 4-Lo, it may be time for a replacement transfer case. Reman Transmission provides a smart and affordable option to the cost of a new transfer case with our remanufactured products.

We stock a wide selection of transfer cases designed for both modern and classic cars, trucks, and SUVs. Your cost to replace is much lower, as we carefully dismantle, clean, re-machine, and replace the parts of used transfer cases to make them like new again. Once rebuilt, the 4X4 transfer case is ready to be installed in your vehicle. Instead of an aftermarket transfer case, you get original equipment restored to near-new condition and ready to run for thousands of miles.

Our shelves are loaded with all types of transfer cases including married transfer cases, divorced transfer cases, manual transfer cases, dropbox transfer cases, and AWD transfer cases. We turn that search for a 'rebuilt transfer case near me' into a remanufactured transfer case shipped straight to your doorstep. With express shipping and flat rate delivery, you can be working on your ride as soon as possible. Our extensive catalog will match you up with the proper t-case using its Hollander Interchange Number and our smart search system. If you need help locating the right 4WD transfer case for your ride, our customer support team is available for a quick chat over the phone.

Ultimately, when you want to lower your cost to replace a transfer case, Reman-Transmission has the right parts, the right price, the right service, and a great reputation in a one-stop solution. Simply click to start searching for your remanufactured transfer case now.

Why Choose Our Transfer Cases?

our advanced team

Our Advanced Team

Our transfer case rebuild technicians go the extra mile when working on a case. We dismantle the entire unit and carefully inspect all parts for wear. Every part is re-machined or replaced with a new part as needed to create a remanufactured transfer case ready to last for thousands of miles. If a particular transfer case is known for factory defects, we ensure that the faulty parts are replaced for improved future performance. A thorough test guarantees the case is ready for installation in your vehicle.

customer service

Customer Support Staff

While our online catalog is designed for easy access, sometimes you just need to speak to a team member to find the right part. Our customer service crew has all the knowledge and experience needed to help you select a rebuilt or remanufactured transfer case designed to suit your ride and your driving style. Just pick up the phone when you want to talk to a live person. Otherwise, use our smart search tool which utilizes the Hollander Interchange System for fast and accurate results.

replacement process

Replacement Process

Once you find the right transfer case for your ride, it’s smooth sailing from there on out. Our team of experts will be in contact with you over email to go over shipping times, tracking numbers, confirmation numbers, and to answer any questions you may have until your completely remanufactured transfer case has been safely delivered.

Flat Rate Shipping (Commercial address)

Flat Rate Shipping (Commercial address) & Exclusive Warranty

We offer Flat Rate Shipping (Commercial address) for all our remanufactured transfer cases. Nearly all of our parts will arrive at your address between 7-14 days. Furthermore, you can take up to 30 days to send us the old part, so you can install the new-to-you transfer case on your schedule.

Commonly Asked Questions

Some of our most commonly asked questions about our transmission process, the differences between remanufactured versus rebuilt transfer cases, and our related policies can be found below:

You can spend up to $4,000 on a new or aftermarket transfer case, but your true cost will depend on the make and model of your SUV, car, or truck. Added savings can be found on a used or rebuilt unit. Find the best of both worlds with a Reman-Transmission transfer case.

The transfer case is the part of your powertrain that connects the transmission to both front and rear axles to engage four-wheel drive. A standard 2WD truck does not have a transfer case. Use a shift knob or switch in the cab to select 2WD or 4WD in Hi or Low.

If your transfer case is broken, you can't switch between 2WD and 4WD. You can further damage the case or even the transmission if you continue to drive with a bad transfer case. However, if it is firmly in either driving mode, you may be able to limp home or to the garage for repairs.

You may have a bad transfer case if you see a 4WD warning light on the dash, notice fluid leaking under the case, or hear grinding noises while the SUV or truck is moving with 4wd on. Other indicators include struggling to shift between gears, slipping out of 4WD, or failure to disengage from 4WD.

A rebuilt transfer case will often cost just about the same as a remanufactured case, however, a transfer case rebuild only repairs the broken parts. Our remanufacturing process for transfer cases involves the replacement or re-machining of all parts within the transfer case as well as fixing factory defects.

Most transfer cases are designed to last the lifetime of the car, truck, or SUV. However, if your ride used its 4X4 extensively, the case can wear out much sooner. Replacing it with a Reman transfer case may extend the functional life of your 4WD for many more years.

Common Transfer Cases

NP149/ NV149 - Manufactured by New Process Gear/ New Venture Gear, this transfer case is known as a single-mode transfer case that is full-time all-wheel-drive. Also referred to as the NVG149 transfer case, it is typically configured with a 38/62 power split sending 38% power to the front wheels and 62% to the back wheels. This transfer case was widely used by General Motors (GM).

NP231/ NV231 - The NP231 transfer case was manufactured by New Process Gear which eventually was renamed to New Venture Gear when it was picked up by Chrysler Corporation. In the later years of this transfer case, it was rebadged to become the NV231. This t-case was first put into Jeeps in 1988 and continued to be used in production until 2007. It’s known to have a low-range gear of 2.72:1 which is the second-lowest of all Jeep transfer cases.

  • NP231C - The 231C transfer case was primarily used in General Motors (GM) products like the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Cadillac Escalade, etc.
  • NP231J - As designated by the J at the end of the transfer case code, this t-case was used exclusively in Jeep vehicles.
  • NP231D - The NP231D transfer case was specifically built for use in Dodge truck applications like the Ram 1500.
  • NP231HD - The heavy-duty (HD) version of the 231 t-case was used in auto manufacturer production for larger trucks.

NP241/ NV241 - This cast aluminum transfer case has high-range and low-range gears as part of its part-time 4WD design by New Process Gear. Its high-range gear is called direct drive because it is a 1:1 gear. The NV241 was used in several Chrysler products including Jeeps as well as many different GM vehicles.

  • NP241C - This is the NP241 transfer case that was used in 4x4 GM production vehicles like the Suburban, Silverado, and others.
  • NP241J - The “J” in NP241J stands for Jeep. Thus, this New Process Gear transfer case was only used in Jeep vehicles.
  • NP241D - This is the regular NP241 transfer case that was solely used in Dodge vehicles.
  • NP241D LD - The “LD” stands for “light-duty” and the NP241DLD was the transfer case used in Dodge’s light-duty truck applications.
  • NP241D HD - The “HD” stands for “heavy-duty” and the NP241DHD was used in heavy-duty truck applications by Dodge (Chrysler Motor Corporation).

NP242/ NV242 - The NP242 transfer case is known for having a respectable 2.72-to-1 low-range gear while also having a direct-drive high-range gear making it a great option for some. This transfer case is manufactured by New Process Gear and was also known as the 242AMC, 242J, and later called the NVG242 when the company changed its name to New Venture Gear.

  • NP242J - The NP242 with the “J” designation refers to the fact it was used in the production of Jeep vehicles.
  • NP242J HD - This is the heavy-duty version of the Jeep NP242J. This version was used in the Jeeps with larger engines to handle the extra amount of stress.
  • NP242D - Dodge’s version of the New Process 242 transfer case.

NP246/ NV246 - his New Process Gear transfer case was exclusively used in General Motors’ lineup of products including Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles. The NV246 transfer case is well-known for having part-time and full-time high-range gears which makes it a versatile asset to anyone’s 4x4 arsenal.

  • NP246C - The NP246C was primarily used in Chevrolet and GMC vehicles from the factory.
  • NP246D - The NP246D was used in Dodge products and had a few minor changes in the t-case.

NP261/ NV261 - Commonly used in General Motors production vehicles from 1999-2006, this four-wheel-drive transfer case has standard options of 2-high, 4-high, neutral, and 4-low. Some of these transfer cases are listed as heavy-duty use (NP261HD) or extreme heavy-duty use (NV261XHD). It goes without saying that this transfer case was mainly used in truck applications.

  • NV261 LD - This is the light-duty version of the 261 t-case hence the “LD” designation. It was used in General Motors (GM) truck and SUV applications that are at the 1500 model level or lower.
  • NV261 HD - Heavy-duty variation of the NV261. These transfer cases were used on mainly 2500 model-level vehicles in GM’s arsenal.
  • NV261 XHD - The XHD is the extreme heavy-duty NV261 transfer case. It was only used in vehicles with a model level of 3500 or higher like dually Chevrolet Silverado 3500 trucks.

NP263/ NV263 - The NP263 transfer case is also known as the NP263HD and NP263XHD as well as its NV alternate names that come from the company's name change in later years. This New Venture Gear transfer case was used in GM trucks from 2001-2007 in mainly heavy-duty applications. All of these t-cases feature heavy-duty components as well as 2 high, 4 high, 4 low, and neutral gear ranges.

  • NV263 HD - The New Venture 263 t-case with the “HD” designation means that it is considered a heavy-duty component and was used in the 2500 model level vehicles that General Motors produced.
  • NV263 XHD - The XHD version of the NV263 is considered the extreme heavy-duty variation that was only used in the biggest trucks GM produced.

NP271/ NV271 - The New Process NP271 is an aluminum, manual shift, chain-driven, part-time transfer case that was used in many Ford and Dodge vehicles. It should be noted that the NP271 transfer cases used in Dodge vehicles have 23 and 29 spline inputs while the t-cases used for the Ford vehicles use 24-spline with manual transmissions and 31/ 34 for others. It was widely used in production vehicles from 1999 all the way until 2009.

  • NV271D - This variation of the 271 transfer case was used in Dodge 4x4 vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of up to roughly 11,000lbs. Those vehicles include the Ram 2500 and 3500.
  • NP271F - From the “F” designation we know that this is a transfer case for a Ford vehicle. The NP271F transfer case was used in Ford trucks like the F250 and F350 up to gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 17,500 lbs.

NP273/ NV273 - Utilized as a Ford and Dodge truck transfer case, the NP273 is a heavy-duty chain-driven t-case made out of cast aluminum. The New Venture Gear 273 transfer case normally comes with an electronic shift and a direct-drive high-range gear and a 2:72:1 low-range gear.

  • NV273C - The NV273C is the New Venture Gear transfer case that was used by General Motors, especially in their Chevrolet trucks, hence the “C” designation for Chevy.
  • NV273D - Dodge variation of the NV273 t-case.
  • NP273F - This is the Ford variant of the 273 New Venture transfer case.

BW1356 - The BW1356, a married transfer case manufactured by Borg Warner, was commonly used in the production of the Ford F250 Super-Duty trucks which commonly were mated with the 7.3 PowerStroke engine and 4R100 transmission powertrain combination. This t-case came in manual and electronic shift versions.

MP3023 - This transfer case built by Magna was commonly used in larger Jeep and Dodge vehicles like the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango. The MP3023LD was the variant that was used in Chevrolet and GMC applications like the Silverado, Sierra, Suburban, Denali, and the Yukon.

  • MP3023 LD - This is the light-duty version of the original MP3023 transfer case which was used in General Motors vehicles.

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