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If your transmission fails to shift, shudders uncontrollably, or otherwise acts up, you undoubtedly need to replace it – and fast. You’re met with a dilemma, you need a quality remanufactured transmission that won’t cost you a fortune but at the same time not fail you down the road. Fortunately, you can buy the highest quality remanufactured transmissions and transfer cases from at the most affordable prices.

As the top transmission remanufacturing company, we have reman automatic and manual transmissions in stock from all the major domestic and import auto manufacturers. We go beyond the rebuild to recondition the entire transmission assembly from the inside out to our strict specifications.

Our team of professionals reverse engineer each transmission in order to resolve commonly known factory defects and ensure our transmissions will outlast a brand-new OEM crate transmission. During that process, we replace all the used parts inside the transmission bell housing with re-machined or brand new, rock solid components. Those components include but are not limited to the planetary gears, torque converter, band brake, output shaft, valve body, and clutch packs. Before we ship the transmission, we thoroughly inspect and test each individual part to confirm that all of our precision components meet or exceed OEM specifications. The end result are transmissions which are professionally built from the highest quality parts and ready to drop in your ride.

So, when you source reliable refurbished transmissions from us for your replacement, you can trust that you’re getting the best components at the best price. We back up our claim of excellence with a 5-Year Parts & Labor Unlimited Mileage Warranty. Our world class customer support staff is here for you to help you every step of you and your vehicle's transmission replacement journey.

If you’re ready to get a refurbished transmission for your American or import car, truck, or van, take a look at our online catalog or call us for our latest deals. With your order, you’ll get fast, free shipping – and no core charge for 30 days.

Why Choose

By choosing as your go-to supplier of quality reconditioned transmissions for gasoline and diesel vehicles, you get quality parts that never fail. In fact, you can trust that all our transmissions are solid as a rock and built to exceed your every expectation.

our advanced team

Our Advanced Team

Our advanced team of engineers and mechanics go beyond the rebuild by not only replacing the worn or damaged parts in a used transmission as is normally done, but to remanufacture the entire gearbox by replacing all the existing parts with new and re-machined components which often exceed the specs of the original equipment manufacturer. Additionally, our team will address any known factory defects of a model during the remanufacturing process thus ensuring a more reliable transmission. Finally, we test and inspect the final product to our strict quality standards before shipping them straight to your home or business for free.

customer service

Customer Support Staff

As leaders in the automotive industry, our knowledgeable customer support staff are always available to help you find the identical transmission or transfer case and explore every upgradable option. You can browse our online catalog to find a compatible transmission for your car, truck, or van or just simply give us a call and one of our staff will gladly help you through the process. Since our smart search tool uses the Hollander Interchange Number, you can rest assured that you’ll get the right transmission.

replacement process

Replacement Process

We go above and beyond in supporting your automotive powertrain overhaul, easing your headaches and solving your transmission problems. You can rest assured our high-quality customer service representatives will be there for you every step of the way during your remanufactured transmission replacement process.

free shipping

Free Shipping

Following your purchase with us, we offer a 5-Year Parts & Labor Unlimited Mileage Warranty on most of our transmissions plus FREE SHIPPING and up to 30 days to ship us your core. If that sounds like just what you need, reach out to our team for a quote, and we'll get you the right back on the road fast. Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most commonly asked questions about the reman-transmission process, the differences between remanufactured versus rebuilt transmissions, and our related policies can be found below: