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Ford Fusion Transmissions

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Remanufactured and Used Transmissions

Remanufactured Transmissions

If you're looking for the best-remanufactured transmission, Reman-Transmission can help. Each transmission features a fully remanufactured and enhanced torque converter. To reduce the likelihood of vibration, front seal leaks, and premature wear on the bushing, each torque converter is inspected and tested for concentricity, lock-up, leaks, as well as balance. All transmissions include a completely remanufactured valve body with a complete system correction and recalibration kit. Each component is independently tested. To ensure the highest level of performance and reliability, all valves prone to wear and tear are rejuvenated to stringent specifications and vacuum tested to ensure proper functionality. Before each transmission is stamped ready, they must undergo extensive testing, including cold, hot, load, and simulated road testing via our state-of-the-art, proprietary Computer-Aided Road Simulation (CARS) dynamometer program. In addition, every Reman-Transmission is backed by the industry's most robust, no-hassle, nationwide parts and labor warranty.