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Remanufactured RE5R05A Transmission Price

Alternative Name: Nissan 5R05

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About Our Remanufactured RE5R05A Transmission

Looking for a RE5R05A transmission for sale? At Reman-Transmission, our goal is to bring our clients the best Jatco RE5R05A transmissions on the market. Whether you’re looking for the Subaru 5EAT transmission, the Jatco 5R05 Transmission, or a similar model for your Nissan, we have what you’re looking for at a fair, affordable price.

All of the RE5R05A transmissions we sell are quality used or remanufactured transmissions. Each of our used transmissions goes through an inspection to make sure it is in good working condition before we market it to our customers. Our used and remanufactured RE5R05A transmission products are the most affordable in the industry, and we go a step beyond to be positive that each of our remanufactured transmissions has had all of its parts replaced with new or re-machined parts that meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications (OEM). That way, we know that all repairs have been done to the highest possible quality.

A remanufactured transmission has its benefits, one of which is that it will be as good as or better than a brand-new factory transmission. We correct any and all defects, so you can trust that this transmission will last for many miles to come. An example of a defect with the RE5R05A transmission is the fact that the radiator is also used as a transmission cooler for vehicles that utilize this transmission, creating a weak point. Therefore, in addition to the transmission, we also supply a new radiator/ trans cooler along with all necessary hoses and clamps to be installed with it. To make it clear that we stand by our word, we also offer two special warranties for all our transmission products. However, keep in mind that with this transmission if you do not install the trans cooler/ radiator with the remanufactured RE5R05A transmission then it will void the warranty.

The warranty for our used RE5R05A transmissions is up to 6 months or 6,000 miles. The warranty for our remanufactured RE5R05A transmissions is up to 36 months with an unlimited mileage warranty. These warranties help you be confident that you can get the transmissions replaced should they have any issues before the warranty passes.

For our clients, we want to make shipping simple. To do that, we offer completely free shipping to all commercial addresses (this includes shipping transmissions to your shop). We also ship to residential addresses, and we only charge $75 as a flat-rate fee for doing so.

RE5R05A Transmission Remanufacturing Process

Free Shipping
Excellent Customer Support
Up to 5 Years Unlimited Miles Warranty
No Core Charge for 30 Days

Our RE5R05A transmission Upgrades

True-Flat process applied to case, valve body, and pump prevents cross-leakage and delivers consistent performance.

Completely remanufactured valve body with new pressure switches and, when needed, speed sensors. All valve bodies are tested independently to verify proper operation prior to the dynamometer testing of the completed transmission.

All-new custom-spec bushings improve internal fluid flow control and pressures.

All bushings and machined surfaces are polished to a mirror-like OE finish of 15 RA or better.

Fully remanufactured torque converter is tested for leaks, lockup, concentricity, and balance. Upgrades exceed OE requirements and eliminate the possibility of front seal leaks, premature bushing wear, and vibration.

Every transmission is cold-and hot-tested using a proprietary dynamometer testing program that includes fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid and a filtration system.

RE5R05A Frequently Asked Questions

RE5R05A History & Information

The RE5RO5A transmission is a transmission made by Nissan and Jatco, the Japan Automatic Transmission Company. It has one successor, the 7R01, and its predecessor is the 5R01. You can find this transmission under the alternative names 5R05, JR507E (for Nissan), JR509E (Nissan), and 5EAT (Subaru part number). Depending on the vehicle you’re working on, you will need to select the correct part number to find the transmission, though they are technically the same. 

Since 2003, the RE5R05A has been available on the North American market. The Jatco 5-speed automatic transmission 5R05, or Nissan model RE5R05A transmission, was released in 2002 and continued on in production through 2019. It's OEM ATF is the Original NISSAN ATF Matic J. The United States had the Matic S, which superseded the Matic J in 2009.

You will recognize this transmission class for its 5-speed longitudinal automatic design.

The transmission fluid used for the RE5R05A has to conform to ATF-HP specifications to work properly. It may be found today as relabeled Idemitsu fluid, and Valvoline has an “Import Multi-Vehicle” fluid that will also work for this model. Pennzoil ATF-J and Castrol Transmax J both are approved for use in the RE5R05A.

The RE5R05A transmission is known to be a good, reliable automatic transmission. It does have a history of several large failures, but those are largely to do with other issues with the vehicles, such as seal failures of the trans coolers and cross-contamination. As for actual transmission issues, there is a potential for the pin tracks to crack or break. Sometimes, sensor failures also occur, but these are about the only issues that come up for the transmission in general.

The RE5R05A transmission is used in several Nissan and Infiniti vehicles including the R51 Pathfinders, Armadas, 2005+ Frontiers, Xterras, Titans, and G35s.

Other part numbers this part is known by:

  • 7S104
  • 7S303
  • 7S305
  • 7S604
  • 8S20
  • 8S204
  • 8S205
  • 8S206
  • ZS10
  • ZS30
  • ZS80
Free Shipping
Excellent Customer Support
Up to 5 Years Unlimited Miles Warranty
No Core Charge for 30 Days
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RE5R05A Transmission Compatibility Chart
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Up to 5 Years Unlimited Miles Warranty
No Core Charge for 30 Days
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